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Try our new solar PV calculator it will help you work out how much solar PV you could install on a roof and give you an idea of the costs and payback.

Read Rob of RS Renewables’ blog entry on the 2 Degrees Network website explaining why there has never been a better time to invest in solar PV.

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The big news this week is that DECC announced a new consultation “Ensuring value for money and maintaining investment in renewable energy” on May 12th into the future of ROC funding for solar PV projects above 5MW. Part of this consultation is to raise the upper limit for FiTs for community schemes from 5MW to 10MW and to spit the FiT bands above 50kW between roof-top and ground-mounted arrays.

Since the start of operation of the scheme nearly 500,000 systems had been registered for the FiT, 98% of these were solar PV systems. 76% of the installations were domestic. This represents a huge growth. You can read OFGEM’s latest report here.

The feed-in tariff applies to projects of up to 5MW generating electricity from a range of technologies. Above 5MW support is provided by Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs).

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme came into force for non-domestic projects in November 2011 and domestic projects in April 2014. For a limited time there is a cash grant called the Renewable Heat Incentive Premium available to home owners until the scheme is fully up and running.

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